Business Coach and Intuitive Artist

Darleen Redman

Business Coach & Intuitive Artist


Starting your business is exciting as that idea that has been burning in your brain is coming to life

You are creating a soul business!

Your business!

Business is about connecting to yourself and to others energetically.

When we have unresolved concerns, fears, guilt or other self-limitations, they can block what we have to offer.

These have to be addressed and cleared so you can start making those all-important connections to self and your potential clients.

Here’s How I Can Help

Discover the ONE thing you need to complete so you can significantly move your business forward.

In 10 months we will work together to move your business forward on solid foundations.

The Spiritual Academy is where you will receive support and nurturing for you and your business

Client Praise

Darleen gave me very specific, great and practical suggestions that were doable and actionable to move my business forward. Her energy is lovely. She is a rarety, a coach in the true sense of the word, someone who works with you as an equal through focussed conversation. If you are looking for a business coach who takes an individualized and spiritual approach, actually listens to and understands you and your business, is caring and supportive yet able to give you a little push when needed as well as practical advice, then I highly recommend Single Boss Lady!

If you have been wanting to create a business from your idea, let’s give your business the start that every entrepreneur should experience – starting with excitement, clarity and your own leadership.

If you have already started but lost your way, I can help you find it again.

With my guidance, your idea can find its bearings as a business without pressure, noise and confusion.

With my support, your idea can grow, unhindered by doubt or overwhelm. You can navigate this journey with the confidence that comes from clear decisions, heart-led collaborations and a firm foothold in your market.

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