I know. I know. I am a business coach so of course, I am going to say that having a Business Coach is a must and yet this is coming from being a client.

When I first started in business I did everything myself which meant that I really struggled to get my business moving. I also didn’t know at the time that I was living with depression. I honestly had no idea what I was doing even though I was actually getting clients.

When I hired my first business coach I couldn’t believe how much it helped me and how much I didn’t know about running a business.

So what are my 5 reasons why having a business coach is the best.


1: Being a support and cheerleader for you

A Business Coach will support and encourage you to run your business. Having someone in your corner who can be there for you and call your bullcrap in a gentle way makes such a difference to whether you thrive or whether you survive. Until I hired a business coach I was just surviving and not really understand what I was doing. I certainly knew how to help the clients that I was getting and yet getting clients on a consistent basis was hard.  My business coaches have really supported me in so many ways and I really do feel like I am thriving.


2: Looking from the outside in

Having someone else look at your business who isn’t emotionally, physically and financially invested helps you to have many aha moments and can bring you back from the brink. If I had a dollar for every time I said “ahhhhh” I would be a very rich woman.  I have done this myself with my clients saying “have you thought about this,” “what if you wrote these kinds of posts?”  There are times where you so close to what is happening that you can’t see a way through and this is where having a business coach helps.

3: Mindset wobbles

I live with depression and mindset is one of the areas that I can have trouble with. My business coach is able to help me through that period. The amount of times I have cried on a call with my coach is so many I don’t think I could count them. Yet at the end of the call, I am feeling so much better and have a plan not just for my business but my mindset as well. When we are feeling down we need someone to help lift us up and when we are feeling awesome it is great having a cheerleader.


4: They know your business

Because they work with you closely they know your business including what you do, who you support, where you hang out on social media, what your services/products are and more.  This helps them to meet your needs on a personal level and not a cookie-cutter approach. What I mean by a cookie-cutter approach is that they use they same let’s say script on everybody they coach.  This doesn’t work as it doesn’t matter if everyone has the same exact business everyone is different in the fact that their beliefs, fears, challenges and mind talk are all different.  Our childhood has an impact on the way we run a business. Our adulthood has an impact. Everything we have experienced has an impact and if a coach says otherwise don’t sign up.


5: You get results

A coach will help you plan what you are going to do in your business and help you get there.  There are business coaches that specialise in certain areas. I had a lovely lady where she specialise in helping people with Facebook. Another coach is an expert on content, how to create it and how to repurpose it. These coaches have really helped me move my business forward and I now have a coach that specialises in helping coaches. I have one coach that I have stayed with as she continually helps me get results and I love her energy.


These are my top 5 reasons for needing a coach. If I had listened to my intuition early on then I may have been further ahead in my business. I say may have because maybe I wasn’t meant to. Maybe I was meant to learn this lesson so I could help my clients. Do you have a business coach or a coach in another area?