Stop confusing people.

Yes. I am talking to you.

Stop it.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where there were so many dishes that you were confused? That happened to me in Bali when I went to a Vegan restaurant. The menu was 8 pages and each page had three columns. It took me 10 minutes just to decide what to drink!!

Can you imagine what this is like for your potential clients if you have a load of services that you say you can do?


“A confused mind says no.” 


1: The mind can’t process too much information

By having a lot of services on offer you need to have a lot of information on your social media channels that let people know what you are selling.  Where there is too much information the potential client becomes confused about what you actually do. Also, the brain prefers a lot of white space when it is looking at the text and if you have a lot of services there probably isn’t much white space to break up the text.


2: You message is unclear

Having many services that you promote it is harder to create a clear content plan for your social media sites. This in turns makes your message unclear. The reason it is unclear is that you market one service and then market another. If they are different services the potential client may wonder what you actually do.


3: It is too hard to sell as you need to sell one thing after another quickly

When you have too many services to sell many can get lost as you can only sell one at a time otherwise people ask “So what is it you are selling?”  People say this because they are confused. Confusion leads to doubt which leads to no sales.

4: It becomes too overwhelming for you to know what to market

Even for you, it becomes too overwhelming as you are wondering what you are going to sell and how you are going to do it. Think of it as going to buy a dress for a night out and yet when you go to the store all they have are after 5 dresses. You have no idea which one to buy and it is the same with your potential clients.


5: You are not seen as an expert

Whenever I see someone who says that they can do this and this and this and this and oh yeah this as well, well guess what? Yep. No sale from me.  I have even advised my coaching clients to reduce what they say they do. I can do many things and yet I don’t say that because it confuses the situation. I am an expert in helping women who live with depression start and run a business. Yes, I have done many healing modalities. I have been an educator. I make products. I paint. I create meditations and oh so much more. Guess what. I don’t say that I do and it doesn’t matter as in the coaching session I may use one tool or I may use a few.  What matters are the results the client receives.


These are 5 reasons why I believe that having too many services really confuse your potential clients. Is it time to review what you offer and see if you can merge them or archive the ones that you don’t need? Do you feel that you have too many services?