There are going to be times in our business and our personal lives when there is turmoil. This may turmoil that is our personal turmoil or turmoil that is in the world.


I won’t lie. These times are going to be hard. You will be challenged in every way possible and it can affect your business which then affects your clients. Yes. I know that is hard to hear. Yet it is the hard truth. You need to accept this and move forward.


I have had different forms of turmoil, both personally and in the world. Living with depression means that I need to understand what I can and can’t do. This means that when there is turmoil in the world I don’t always post on social media.  I already have a cause that is dear to my heart. This means that I can’t focus on every cause that comes up. That may seem harsh to you. Look at this way. By focusing on one cause I am focused and not scattering my energy everywhere. People don’t need to wonder what I stand for as it is there for everyone to see.


I also need to look after me first which includes my energy. Many people are going to say that is selfish as I am putting myself first. I say to those people. You may think it is selfish and yet how can I give from an empty cup. I need to fill my cup up many times throughout the day just to keep it full let alone overfilling. When I give, and I give plenty, I give from a cup that is overfilling. This way my cup remains full.


Okay. Rant over. Now let’s look at how you can remain focused and not get lost in reacting to every turmoil that happens in your life.


1: Learn how to not react first.

Yes. I know this may seem a bit mean. What I mean is whenever we see something that shocks us we immediately take a deep breath in making a sound as we do. What this does to us is that we take in that trauma into our body when we take that breath in. This may seem like a crazy idea and yet when you look at all the complimentary therapies they same the same.

Before you react take 3 deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. Then you are able to come from a place that is centred and filled with love. When you react instantly you are coming from a place of fear and that can cause problems. It will take time and practice to learn how to breathe first before reacting.

2: Find one cause and stick with it.

I have seen many people jump from one cause to the next and posting about it on social media. At the start, they may be finding a cause that they are really passionate about. Yet after a while, it isn’t that anymore. I find this really tiring for me when I am on social media and see so many negative and nasty posts about one cause and then the next and then the next and so on.

It actually becomes boring for me and I unfriend these people because I don’t need to see so many negative and nasty posts. If you really want to be passionate about something go for it. Stick with one cause though. I have a cause which is women living with depression starting and running a business. I am really passionate about this that I even niched my business into this. I have a big vision for this cause and I see it clearer and clearer each day.


3: Don’t be afraid to say no.

We have many beautiful and caring family and friends that want us to become involved in what they are doing. That is fantastic because they show that they care. The problem is that if you become involved in everything then you will not have time for yourself first. You then won’t have time to run your business. Don’t be afraid to say no. Practice saying it to yourself in front of the mirror. The more you do this the easier it will become.

I have said no to a couple of things recently and one is the 25 pushups for 25 days. What is it actually doing? I live with depression and yet no-one that is doing the challenge, they are my friends, has actually rung me to chat and see if I am okay. Before you put your energy into something that your family and friends are doing to see if it will make a difference or is just another thing that people are doing without any impact.

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4: Respect your energy and time.

Your time and energy are really important. I keep saying that we need to fill our cup up first to overfilling before you can then give to others. Stop giving when you have nothing. It isn’t selfish. It will affect your physical and mental health when you keep doing this. This is a reason why I burnout with nursing and even my business in the past. In nursing, you keep giving and giving and giving.

There were many times I walked home and could barley think and it was only 4 pm. It meant that my diet could be crap on the days I worked as I didn’t have the energy to cook. This was so unhealthy and helped lead to burnout. You deserve to look after yourself no matter what the media, family and friends tell you. As women, it is expected that we put everyone else first. Well, guess what? That sucks and is wrong.

The number of women that have come back to me after taking my advice and say that their lives are better is numerous that I can’t even count them. Respect your time and energy and this includes saying no to anything and anyone that isn’t helpful. I have said no to clients as I know working with them isn’t the right thing to do.


5: Limit your exposure to anything that may upset you.

This can be hard as we want to keep up to date with local news and affairs. Guess what though? I haven’t had a tv or radio for about 7 years now and haven’t bought a paper in who knows when and I still know everything that is happening.

How? My family and friends tell me. Because I limit my exposure my energy is higher which means that I have more to give to myself, my family, my friends and my clients. I know how harmful watching distressing videos are to the body. I need to keep my vibration at a higher level and those videos bring my energy down. I will say it again. I still know what is happening even though I don’t have a tv, listen to the radio or buy a newspaper.


It may sound a bit ranty and yet if people followed these 5 ways there would be a lot more positivity and action in the causes. I am getting my voice out there as I am speaking up about living with depression and running a business. This is my cause. This is my passion. I also volunteer as a Surf Life Saver as I want to keep my beach safe.

Do you have a cause you are passionate about?