Have you ever paid for a service or product and felt like you were really special? Whenever that has happened for me my heart feels so loved as I really do feel special. When you have a client come aboard as a VIP or into your group program/membership nurturing them really helps with their mindset. When you make someone feel special they are more likely to show up to the calls with a better mindset and willingness to do the work.

So how can you nurture your clients? Below are 5 ways that make me feel special when I receive them.


An email that is specific to my needs

When I receive an email that I know has been written for me personally I know that my coach has listened to what I have been saying. When I get an email where I know it is a template I feel like I am just one of the crowd.  There are emails that need to be templates such as Group Coaching Call, Webinars etc yet when the email is about you and your session the extra words that relate just to you are extra special. I have received session notes (and yes I have done it myself) where it is just the information I feel like I am another number. Have a spreadsheet or somewhere that you can keep personal information about your clients and session so that when you write emails you can refer to it.


Receiving a Birthday Card

When I get a birthday card in the mail I always get tears in my eyes as I feel so special and supported.  It means that my coach has gone above and beyond what people normally do. Have you ever had this happen? How special does it make you feel? How do you feel it would make your clients feel?

Add value

When you offer your clients extra information, tools, etc without overwhelming them this can really help the client to continue to move forward. When my coach says that they will send through a link to a tool, meditation or PDF that can help I feel so loved.


Give your clients gifts or gift vouchers

How special is it to find a gift or a gift voucher in the mail? The number of times I have received this especially when it comes with a handwritten note well wow. Over time you can find out what someone really likes such as water colouring and send them watercolour pencils, pad and a written note. It doesn’t take much to find out what your clients’ interests are. You can check their social media accounts and see what they talk about a lot.

Go the extra mile with your clients

Going the extra mile includes things like sending pm’s if they have agreed to receive them, an extra email to check-in, commenting on their social media posts (you can set up a workflow, spreadsheet or board in Asana/Trello to help you keep track on their pages and websites), providing extra support if you are able to and letting them know that you are there for them.


These things are just a small amount of what you can do for your client. Do you do any of these? Do you have something else that you do?