I remember when I first started my business I was just plodding along thinking that I was doing really well.  Looking back I realised that yes I was busy except that I achieved very little. The reason was that I was unfocused and not crystals clear on what I was doing and who I was serving.


It took burning out in my day job and becoming unemployed to have the time to review my business. I realised that I wasn’t sure what I was doing.  This was a game changer for me.


Everyone including myself deals with ambiguity differently. Below I have outlined what can happen when you are confused and unfocused.


1: Procrastination

I think I am the Queen of procrastination. This comes about when you start doing something and then become distracted by other things on your to do list. 


2: It takes you longer

By not focusing on one thing it can take you a lot longer to achieve anything in your business. 

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3: You get overwhelmed

When you focus on everything and not one thing you can become overwhelmed.  This then leads to procrastination and frustration.


4: Being distracted and start FB Scrolling

Not being focused means that you can be easily distracted by other things including FB scrolling. I did this today when I was writing this blog. Yes. I still do this even though I focus on one thing. Don’t be hard on yourself.


5: Frustration

The frustration is real. You keep plodding along, achieving nothing, and when you realise the frustration comes up. 


6: Go into la la land

Oh heck. I love la la land. It is so much fun being there. Sometimes when I am not focused off to la la land I go. It is very easy to go there when you are not concentrating.

7: You have to re do

As your mind isn’t focused you can do a task and then realised that you have missed something important. This could lead to a client not receiving something; a blog missing information; or even a step in your client on boarding being missed. 


8: Unsure what you are doing

By plodding along you feel confused and unsure what you are doing in your business. This can lead to your messaging being confusing for potential clients. This is what happened to me before I focused.

9: Achieve nothing

You don’t get anything done in your business.  By focusing on one thing and one thing only you get your blogs written; content created; clear on what you offer and even get your website created.


I have done all nine things myself in my business and that is why I created my 6 Weeks to One Thing Program.  I am so in love with this program that I am continually running it on myself.


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