What do you mean energy? What is this? Great questions.


Everything is energy and it can be described as out ability to be able to work. Have you had times where you have just gone I feel tired, or you sit at your computer and don’t feel like working? This means that your energy in your body is a low level.


We need our energy to be high so that we can work on our business. I know that when my energy is low there is no way I feel like working. It is on those days that I either don’t work, especially if I don’t have clients, or I work on my energy to bring it higher.


When I discovered that working on one thing at a time was really important I decided to do a study on my self to see why managing my energy made such a huge difference.


Below is what I discovered.


Physical Body

  1. Sleep.  OMG. When I have a crap sleep then my energy is a lot lower and I struggle to work even on just one thing. It is so important to understand the amount of sleep that you need to work at your best. Also making sure that you go to bed at a decent time will allow your body to get the rest it needs to rejuvenate.


2. Food.  Oh my. When I have sugar yes I do get a high except the crash is so bad that I want to have a nap. When I eat healthy and lighter food that is low GI then my energy stays higher for a lot longer. When I eat sugar food (including too much fruit) or red meant than my energy drops very quickly.


3. Exercise. Exercising every day helps to release the happy hormones which in turn helps your energy. Happy hormones raise our energy. 



Your Brain

  1. Energy.  Your brain continually produces molecules which store energy. Energy is released when it breaks the bond of the molecule. When you are low on this energy you can lose focus, lack concentration, and you can forget things.


2. Thoughts.  Your thoughts can have a huge impact on your energy levels as the more negative thoughts you have such as “You shouldn’t be working on one this as that doesn’t work,” “You should get a job as you can’t run a business,” or “You don’t deserve a business.” These thoughts drain our energy. When they come up acknowledge them, discover where they have come from and you can then say that isn’t my future reality.


3. Concentrate. Focusing on one thing such as looking at your hands and noticing everything about them helps to train the brain into knowing that focusing on one thing can to increase our energy.




Your Emotions

1. Negative Emotions such as anger, guilt, shame, frustration and overwhelm can affect our energy. The negative emotions are a lower vibration and as such lower our energy which stops us from working on the one thing in our business.


2. Positive emotions such as happiness, joy, gratitude and love are of a higher vibration which in turn keeps our energy higher. again I will say the higher our vibration the higher our energy. When that happens we can work on the one thing.


3. People. Have you ever been around people that when you walk away you feel as though your energy has been drained? That really does happen. The reason could be that they are very negative which as I said above is a low energy vibration. In business, especially when there is only you make sure that when you know you have to be around them have things on you that remind you to keep your energy higher. This could be a symbol that when you think about it you can see your energy rise.




Your Spirituality

1. Sense of purpose. When you tap into your sense of purpose every day you are reminding your body and mind that you love working at a higher energy level. When you are feeling down imagine your sense of purpose or why in your mind, see it grow raising your energy.


2. Meditating. Meditating every day helps you to find that peace and calm that is needed to work on your one thing at a time. The body and mind come to understand what it feels like to be in this state and wants to feel that energy more.


3. Love.  Doing things that you love every single day helps you feel the positive emotions that raise your energy. When we work in business we can forget that there are things that we love doing. For me it is painting which I don’t do enough of.



When I remember to do the above my energy is so amazing and I work through my one thing so quickly. It could be that I create and schedule posts onto my Facebook Page in now time at all.


I created a 6 Weeks to One Thing Program it’s not about doing all of those things. It’s about figuring out which one is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Then going and executing it.  Sounds great? Then book in a call through this link to see if I might be the right coach for you.