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Last year I decided that it was time to get my business moving and become a laptop entrepreneur. I started really well where I was working as an Agency Nurse and working in a different state.

I got things done and starting working with people to get clear on my business and my goals which at the start was lovely.

After spending 9 weeks in a cold climate where I was wearing a beanie, gloves, scarf and a coat as well as other layers I had had enough of literally everything and everyone.

I was starting to feel like I would get nowhere with my business as I was working long hours in the paid job which didn’t leave much time for me and working on my business. I felt I was heading towards burnout which wasn’t where I wanted to go.

I also missed the ocean so much and not being able to exercise as the hours were not conducive to exercising wasn’t the lifestyle for me.

The burnout didn’t happen because I spent a week in Tasmania with a friend exploring my home state.

Since coming back home to paradise things have certainly changed in my business. I am now clear on my message and what I am doing as a business women.

Once I totally committed to my business I am now getting clients, getting seen in social media, being recommended and even people saying Darleen can do that.

It is the most amazing feeling when you have a business women who earns 6 figures to say wow Darleen you are really getting out there and being seen.

So for me this is confirmation that I am on the right path.

I haven’t actually fallen off the wagon as what I want to be able to do is go somewhere for a couple of weeks, have a holiday and still work on my business at my leisure whilst on holidays visiting friends in those cities and towns. I have met so many lovely people in social media groups that I want to travel to where they live and meet them.

I feel that I now have the wonderful balance that has been missing in my life and here is to an amazing abundant 2018 and beyond.

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