You have gotten to a point in your business where you want to hire a coach to help you with your mindset, your visibility, your coaching, or your business and you are wondering whether to go with the 1:1 Coaching or Group Coaching.  Let’s have a look at the difference so that you can then decide which would be best for you.


1:1 Coaching

This is where the sessions are just you and your coach. Yes, it does cost more and yet it can be groundbreaking.


  • More expensive than group coaching.
  • It may be too overwhelming to have the 1:1 session when you are living with depression and/or anxiety.
  • You can’t hide as much as you can in a group coaching call.
  • There is limited chance of networking that you have in Group Coaching.


  • You get specialised attention without having anyone else on the call who may interrupt.
  • You can achieve your goals a lot faster.
  • You coach knows your business, your strengths, your weaknesses and can help you navigate the complexities of what is going on.
  • You can feel more comfortable revealing private details that you may not reveal in Group Coaching.
  • You can make the appointments to fit in with you.
  • You get the help that is specific for your business and how you work.

Group Coaching

This is where you are on a call with many other people and it can cost less. Depending on how you feel it may be just as helpful as 1:1 Coaching.


  • You may not get a chance to talk to the coach about what you need to.
  • Group Coaching has a specific date and time which may not always work for you.
  • There can be specific topics each call which may not always work for you as some of the topics may relate to what you are doing.
  • The information provided by the coach can be generic unless the coach has gotten to know the individual clients very well and ask questions that draw out the information.
  • One or a few people can dominate the call unless the coach is able to keep the discussion tight.


  • You can network with the others in the group.
  • You have the help of more than one person.
  • It can cost less.
  • There isn’t the pressure to participate in the call if you don’t want to.


Depending on your personality and what outcomes you want to achieve will help you decided whether you do 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching or even both. If you are the type of person who wants immediate results, have the money and need help implementing than 1:1 Coaching would probably be the best.

For me personally, I like both as I need the help implementing and I love the group dynamics as I can learn so much from others as well as the insights that the other businesswomen provide. If you are debating which one to go with write down what you feel you would achieve from each and then see what feels right for you.

Do you have a coach? Which do you prefer?