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I have learnt the importance of spoiling myself since having been in Shepparton for two months and in the last week traveling around Tasmania.

In the past I was more concerned with working and volunteering.

I never put myself first and my mental health suffered even though I didn’t know this until about three years ago when I reached the bottom.

This was the turning curve for me and coming out the other side after six tough months was a blessing. I know that I needed to do this so that I can help other business women learn how to be a business women with depression.

It took me a while to figure out what needed to be done so that I put myself first and totally spoil myself.

One of the first things that I did was start to exercise. I had gained over 20kgs and felt like crap. What helped me to exercise was that I had joined the local surf club and decided I wanted to achieve a Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion.

The interesting thing is that I couldn’t swim a stroke. I started of with having one lesson a fortnight, then once a week and finished by having up to three lessons a week.

I achieved my dream and this became a passion of mine which now included working out in the gym and squad training for swimming. I felt the need to continually improve my swimming so that I could be a better life saver.

Another way I spoil myself is Dragon Boating. This may seem like a weird way and to some it will be. For me being out on the river with my friends is heaven. Yes it is a tough hour and yet I walk off that boat with my head held high.

I have been having regular massages which is very important for me. With all the exercise I do my muscles get tight so regular massages help with this.

For nearly two years now I have been having beauty treatments which make me feel like a Godess. It means that I can wear a bikini without any worries or concerns.

One thing I love creating is crystal and flower essences as it connects me to the Earth, Universe, and all the angels and elementals. It is a sacred experience.

Some people say that putting yourself first is selfish. I believe that it is selfish not to put yourself first. What happens when you keep filling a cup? It overflows. This means that you have more than enough to give others. Be selfish and be proud about it.

These are some of the ways that I spoil myself and put myself first. What do you do or what will you do to spoil yourself?