How exciting that you are now at the stage where you are ready to send newsletters and you are wondering how often you should send newsletters.


One way of finding out is to survey your clients and social media contacts. You can ask them how often they like to receive a newsletter.


Sending a newsletter will also be based on how often you want to send one and what information you put in there. The more information the less it should be sent.  This is my opinion only as it will depend on the above factors.


When I send a newsletter I send it once a fortnight except for extra times like ANZAC Day, Christmas etc as an extra special message.  The information that I provide can be overwhelming for my clients as they live with depression and for me to send it more often would be too much for them.


Why not go out now and survey your clients and followers and see what they have to say.


Remember to listen to your body and business when you take notice of the answers they provided because this will be the truth.


Once you have surveyed your clients then do some testing including sending it out on different days and then different times. By doing this you will find a time and day that will have the best chance for people opening your newsletters. Be aware that it may change over time and regularly reviewing your analytics helps to keep the open rate higher.


How often do you send a newsletter?