It is interesting how this blog has taken me a while to write. I have talked a little about my journey on my Facebook Page and yet a blog will be easy to find. This is the reason that I haven’t written this blog until now.

My journey to becoming a businesswoman starts 30 years ago when I had a prophetic dream. This set off the amazing journey into the metaphysical world. I completed a load of courses. I read books. I bought Tarot and Oracle Cards. Most importantly I practised what I had learnt.

I loved working with clients assisting them to heal themselves. I had a few clients and yet I didn’t really know what I was doing. I came to the decision that if I wanted to actually run a business then I better learn about running a business.

During this time I had become a nurse and was working at that full time. Without realising it I put my energy into working as a nurse and volunteering leaving my business to stagnate.

As a nurse, I travelled around the East Coast of Australia learning more about the country I live in. I met so many wonderful people on my travels and some of them I am still in contact with.

Over time I started to become disillusioned with my career. It took a while until I understood it was because I wasn’t enjoying nursing. I had fallen into nursing and just kept going because I thought that is what you did.

Finally, the push came to a shove and I knew that if I wanted to make changes then I had to do something. Not someone else. It was me. I sat down and planned out what I needed to do so that I actually had a business.

Yet again, I procrastinated and became more burnout in nursing. The change came when I decided to join the local surf club and gain my Bronze Medallion. This is the basic certificate needed to be a volunteer who goes into the ocean to rescue people in trouble. I had to go from being a total non-swimmer to gaining my certificate in 7 months. Yes. I did it. I succeeded.



This determination transferred over into my business and I really knuckled down. I worked with coaches. I completed courses and I learnt so much. I have pivoted a couple of times in my business and about 12 months ago I found what totally lit me up. It was so exciting because I want to complete my own programs and be coached by me.

I am now in my Next Chapter as a Full-Time Businesswoman and wow do I love it. I am actually excited about working on my business. I am now at the point where I will be hiring a VA for my Social Media. I will then outsource more as time goes by.

The journey hasn’t always been easy and there have been days where I have cried because everything seemed to go wrong. I came to the realisation that I was living with depression. This was huge because of the stigma that is still out there. I saw a lot of it working in the medical field. This is why it took me a long time to admit to having depression and then doing the work. When I finally started posting on my page letting people know that women living with depression in the start-up phase of business were my niche the amount of encouragement was beautiful.

Every day, every moment is new. This thought is what makes it exciting for me to be in business. I love working with my clients in both a group setting and 1:1. I really thrive when I am talking to my clients.

Business is a powerful self-development program that never ends. When I hold my vision close and know that every moment is new then the day is easier.

What are the ways that help you to see the day a bit brighter?