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The next day we spent some time in Launceston buying an umbrella, goggles and a daypack as there were some great specials in the city.

We then went to the Cataract Gorge which was stunning as you can see by the photos below. It was my first time on a chairlift and I loved it.

We drove out of Launceston and headed towards Beauty Point as we wanted to go to the Seahorse Aquarium.

The Seahorse Aquarium was so much fun and I learnt so much. I was lucky enough to feed the Sea Horses and I then got to hold a Sea Horse and a Sea Star. It was such an amazing feeling to hold these beautiful creatures.

We had lunch at a lovely cafe which overlooked the ocean. It was so nice to have a rest as it was a decent drive from Launceston to Beauty Point.

We then traveled onto Devonport where we stayed the night in a Motel opposite the river. It wasn’t spectacular but it did the job.

We went to the local pool which was the highlight as it was the first swim I had had in over two months. After my laps we went into the heated pool which was so lovely.

After the pool I went and saw my friends parents for a short time. They were over the moon to see me which was so lovely.

I had trouble sleeping that night as the next morning I was going to see my parents and sister who I hadn’t seen in just over twenty years and to meet my nephew for the first time.

Breakfast was a disappointment as the sign advertised out the front wasn’t what we got so my cornflakes and juice was very expensive.

The next day after breakfast I went and seen my parents, sister and nephew. It was very emotional for me and it re-interated why I had left in the first place. Enough said.

We drove to the Tasmazia which was so much fun. I felt like a kid again.

We then drove onto Burnie driving through Ulverstone and stopping at Penguin.

The Menai hotel at Burnie was a bit of a disappointment even though the staff were so friendly. It needs a major overhaul as it is so outdated.

The sunrise this morning was so beautiful as we were looking over the ocean seeing the sunrise.

We stopped in the city centre to have breakfast and then drove onto the Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden. Oh my. This place was just beyond words. It is run by volunteers and the first two that we met were both named John. They were so funny and I got a photo with them to put onto a social media.

The flowers were just outstanding and the garden was divided up into different areas that represent parts of the world where Rhododendrons grow. I took so many photos that I will be using as backdrops for my social media posts.

After spending a long time wandering around the gardens I went into the cafe and had the Devonshire Tea with a hot chocolate. Oh my. Everything but the hot chocolate was homemade. My mouth was watering the whole time and was in raptures.

We left there and headed south. We stopped at the Anvers Chocolate and man on man. I had to pick some chocolate which was so difficult as there were so many wonderful ones.

We had a quick stop at Perth and I was so disappointed in the local hotel. Service took for ever and then the lunch service had finished. There were no bins to be seen so I had to take my rubbish outside.

We have now stopped at Ross which is such a lovely little historical town. We stopped here as I needed to take photos of the information about Tasmania being divided in two. More on this later in a seperate blog.

We are staying the night in a really lovely hotel which feels so personable. Dinner at the local hotel was so nice especially with a beer.

I am now sitting in bed with the electric blanket on watching tv.

The last blog on my trip to come on Saturday evening.

Till next time.

The Laptop Entrepreneur