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Wow oh wow. I have only been in Tassie two days and already my friend and I have seen so much.

We flew into Tassie Sunday morning and drove out of Hobart on the old highway heading towards Launceston. I can’t remember ever going on this road so it was a lovely drive for me.

This was flying out of Melbourne Airport and arriving into Hobart Airport. The metal sculpture was there to greet us on arrival which was so cute. I was pleasantly surprised at the weather which was much milder than expected.

We stopped at a town called Richmond which was so quaint and the photo below shows the Main Street.

We traveled on from Richmond and decided to stop at the next town we came across. It happened to be Ross which is very historic. The photos below show the amazing bridge that was built by convicts. There are so many beautiful buildings in Ross and unfortunately a lot of the buildings are for sale. It is definitely a place to stop if you ever come to Tassie.

Our next stop was Launceston as it was getting late and we needed to find the first place to stop and we were lucky to find a nice hotel with a lovely friendly owner.

That night we went out for dinner which was so divine. There was a coffee and wine bar which was really weird and great at the same time. Going back to the hotel room and hoping into bed was so lovely.

Next instalment to come.

Till next time.

Darleen The Laptop Entrepreneur