Yes. I got rejected.

It hurt. It really hurt.

So how can I be happy about this?


Let me put some context to it.

I applied for a government program that I thought would really help me in my business as I would have a business mentor and access to more including grants. I applied to a couple of companies that teach the program and nothing seemed to happen.  Then CV19 prevented the lessons to be taught in the class and I was told that by the end of April I would hear. A month later I got a call to say that I didn’t fit the criteria for the program. I was absolutely devastated and thought that was the end. Living with depression I needed to be aware of my energy and my thoughts. This is when my friend came out and I was able to debrief and vent.

It took some time and more venting and I came to the realisation that it was such a good thing I didn’t get in. I would have been locked into a 12-month program where even before I started they were telling me that my niche was too narrow and that I was qualified to be a business coach supporting women living with depression.

This pissed me off and I let the lady know how wrong she was. I knew that she wasn’t going to change her mind and thanks to my precious friends I was able to totally reframe how I felt. 

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How is this a good thing? 

  1. I have never been able to move through my emotions and thoughts so quickly and this is because of my friends.
  2. I would have been locked into 12 months of a program I know I wouldn’t have liked.
  3. I would have been told how to run my business which is not something I like.
  4. I would have been working with mentors that were also being told how to teach.
  5. I would have regretted my decision every day.


Whenever you are looking at working with a coach; buying a course or doing a program listen to your body first and then talk to someone.  Getting someone else’s viewpoint can be so helpful.