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I am writing this on the flight home and the emotions I am feeling are interesting.

I am a bit sad that I am leaving Tassie behind as it was a lovely trip and yet I am overjoyed to be going home as I have so missed my friends/family and my beach.

We left the beautiful town of Ross and traveled into Hobart. We were lucky as we could book into our hotel early which made a big difference.

We dumped our gear and then decided to wander around town.

We didn’t get very far as we came across a Chinese Massage Shop and decided to have a massage. Wow it was so what I needed. I hadn’t had a massage since leaving home over two months ago and before I left I had been getting one a week.

After our massage we found a lovely Indian restaurant for lunch and I tried Dosa for the first time. I fell in love at first bite. My taste buds were alive. Have you ever had food where your whole body has literally lit up? That is what my body did when I took a bit of the potato dosa. I have already checked out if there are any Indian restaurants close to me and unfortunately there are none within walking distance. I was so disappointed when I saw this. I think I need to get my friends onto this so we can go there. Here is hoping.

We then traveled on into the rest of the city and spent a long time wandering around into the shops. We came across this amazing natural skin care and I just had to buy it as I seen a difference in my skin and wrinkles straight away. The lady Isobel was so lovely in the way she explained how the products worked and how to use them.

It was starting to get colder by this stage so we decided to go back to the hotel for a rest which was much needed after all the traveling we had done. This was the most I had driven in a very long time and I loved every minute of it.

We loved the Indian food so much that we went back for dinner. I had so many layers on because it was so cold for me. You would think that living in Victoria (a colder state of Australia) for two months and then Tassie for a week I would have been used to it.

Oh no. Not at all.

It was a freezing wind I was sure there was snow on the mountain above. Don’t know if there was or not. It certainly felt like it.

It was another wonderful dinner and this time I tried the beef and egg dosa. I really enjoyed it except I felt there was too much beef for me. I am not a huge meat eater and on this holiday I have eaten a fair bit so will be taking a break from it for a while.

After a lovely nights sleep we went out for breaky. I had a nice crossaint and my friend had a fruit salad which I finished off. The fruit was so divine and tasted so fresh.

After breaky we went to the Female Prison where all the female convicts were held. It was a truly humbling experience as what they endured was atrocious. I also read about a ship that ran aground which made me cry as instead of allowing everyone to get off (there were multiple attempts to rescue them) they let them all drown including 10 children. The captain and two other men got off the ship. Even thinking about it now make me sad as there are times that I can’t believe how cruel people can be.

After that we decided to rest at the hotel for a while and pack our suitcases. I am becoming quite good at this and will be an expert in no time at all.

We went out to dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant and we were going to go on a ghost tour except it was so cold even with two jackets on. We weren’t leaving on the walk till 8:15pm and it went for two hours. It was just too much for us after all we had done on this trip.

Off to bed early and early we rose. We ended up getting to the airport nice and early which gave us time to eat breakfast and relax.

I am now over the mainland and in about 50 minutes landing at Sydney. Then for the last short leg to the Gold Coast and home thank goodness.

Well till next time.

Darleen The Laptop Entrepreneur.

Edit: I was so blessed as flying into the Gold Coast a whale breached three times for us.