Ah yes.  You have been promoting your service and yet nothing has happened.

Now you are thinking what am I doing wrong?

Let’s not think like that.  There is nothing wrong.  When we put out a message about our services there could be a few things that we can look at.


The Words used in your Promo Post

When we write a post that is promoting our services we may not use the words that make a potential client wants to know more. The post may be too long.  My message coach told me that when the offer is of a lower price the post needs to be shorter.  The longer the post the more expensive people think it is. I personally won’t read long posts or click on promo posts that don’t have a price.  I do have a shorter attention span and so long posts don’t interest mt unless it is a blog.

We can not always help that some of the words that we use in our posts will affect people negatively. It is important (I believe so) that we do write the words in a document and read it through before we post it on social media. As I have been writing for a while now I know that my posts are written with beautiful intent and that I do read them before posting.

You could always write your posts out ahead of time and then get someone to look them over.  When you have the money you could hire an expert to review and edit your posts for you.  There are even content writers who write the posts for you.


How often you post your Promo Post

How often you post your promotion (promo) post depends on how many posts you put up on your Social Media such as Facebook. If you are only posting a couple of times a week then your promo post should only go out once a fortnight. If you are posting more often then you can post your promo post at least once a week.

As I post up to 3 times a day I post a promo post 3 times a week.  It may seem like a lot and yet not many posts get seen.  The more interaction on your page the more your posts will get seen.

Promoting only one service at a time

This is something that I have done wrong in the past where I promoted more than one service. If you do this, potential clients get confused about what you do. Only talk about one thing at a time including the content you put out besides your promo post.


The content you post on your Social Media Channels

What content are you putting out there? Do people know what you are doing or are you confusing them by not having a plan? If you are just posting anything without clear direction this does make it difficult for potential clients to know what you do and what your area of expertise is.

Having a content plan makes a huge difference. When you launch one thing at ta time you can then create the content that matches that.  Over time you won’t need to write as many posts as you will have a library of evergreen posts.


The CTA or Call To Action

Every post should have some form of CTA. This could be as simple as asking a question that relates to the post.


With promoting a service it pays to give it at least 6 weeks to see if it is selling or not. Don’t give it only a couple of weeks and then go well that isn’t working so I will do a different version. Take your time with this. Be patient. You will get there where your posts will sell your services.


How do you cope when your promotion posts are not selling? Let me know below.