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I so love reading the Tarot and for years I was reading personally. After a while though I was over the same questions being asked over and over. I still love the Tarot and will do the occasional personal readings for my friends.

What I am loving is that I now do Business Tarot Readings and Mentoring. So what is the difference between a Personal Reading and Business Tarot Reading.

Personal Reading:
1: It is specifically about you personally.
2: You can ask questions that are about you, a partner, your family etc.
3: It doesn’t matter which amazing reader you go to as they will be able to read for you.
4: You get personal direction.
5: Getting a different perspective.

Business Tarot Reading:
1: Gives you direction.
2: Finds the obstacles and blocks that are preventing business growth.
3: Focus on where to go next.
4: Focus on what to let go of.
5: Inner Healing.
6: Mindset in that the reader can see what is happening and help you through this.
7: It adds a different dimension and other alternatives to standard business coaching.
8: The intuitive insights.
9: Gain insight on other aspects you might not have considered.
10: Gaining clarity that you are on the right track.
11: Ideas for your business such as how to improve your FB Page, Instagram Page, how to find your clients, understanding who your clients are, clarifying the service you offer so that other people understand what you are offering.

These are just some of the difference with a Business Tarot Reading, Mentoring, that you will receive when you have a session with me.

Would you like to have a Business Tarot Reading? Why not click on this link Appointments and see what can happen in your business when you have a session.