You may have seen me talk about the Chakras (Energy Vortexes in our body) and how important it is to work with them every day. If not check out this blog that talks about the chakras.


Today I want to talk about the Earth Connection Chakra and celebrating. This chakra is located deep within Mother Earth in the core. It is where our business idea was birthed and where we go to celebrate.


The energy from this chakra fills you with love and this is important because when you are filled with love it is easier for you to celebrate. When we are in business we can focus on the negatives such as what we didn’t achieve.


This isn’t a healthy habit to get into because the more we focus on the negative the more we are likely to have an unhealthy mindset. What we want is for the body to have a positive feedback loop where you are focusing on the positives so that your body and brain understand that you want more of this.


We are not ignoring the negatives as that is unhealthy.  What we are doing by celebrating is lifting our energy higher so that when the negative thoughts and beliefs come up we are able to find the lesson at a quicker pace.


So how do I celebrate?


Below is a ritual that I like to do to celebrate my achievements.

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  • Close your eyes.
  • Take three deep breaths letting each one out with a sigh.
  • Imagine your energy going down, down, deep into Mother Earth.
  • Imagine the heat of the core lighting you up from the inside.
  • Now feel the love coming from Mother Earth.
  • Let this fill your whole body so that all you feel is love.
  • Gently open your eyes.
  • Now take the pen and paper and write down everything that you have achieved no matter how small you think it is.
  • Now do something special for yourself.

This is a great ritual to do at least weekly or you can add it into your nighttime ritual. The more you celebrate the more wonderful things that can come your way. Now go and celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!