Being in business has been challenging and at the same time rewarding. Over the time I have changed directions a couple of times. This came about because I started to understand more about business and me.


Over the last couple of years I have become extremely clear on who I am as a business woman and who I serve. It has taken a while because I was actually afraid of shining and coming across as powerful.


I have worked with coaches who have been amazing in helping me to understand my business. I have also worked with friends and healers who have helped me to understand why I felt this way. 



I had to understand that I needed to do business my way and in my time before I could fully grasp what I was doing and what I was going to do after moving forward.

It was through one of my coaches that I could finally see a VIP Package that excited me.

I had offered packages in the past and yet even though I loved conducting the sessions it didn’t feel like it was something that I wanted to promote.

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Working with my coaches helped me to become clear and move my business forward. Even though I became clear overwhelm hit me because I thought I had to do everything. I realised that because I was so clear on my business that so many ideas were coming into my head.


I did a brain dump of everything I needed to do in my business and then I just stopped doing anything.


Looking at my list one day I had one of the best ideas ever.  I was thinking that I needed to write blogs for when my website went live.


I started smiling and couldn’t stop. My idea grew and grew until the voice couldn’t be silenced.


I knew then that this was going to help my clients in ways that hadn’t been realised before.


Then came the birth of my 6 Weeks to One Thing Program. Concentrating on one thing at a time has made a huge difference to the way I run my business. 


I am so in love with this program that I am continually running the program in my business.


In the program we concentrate on one thing for the 6 weeks such as a content plan and some posts written. 


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