Business Coach and Intuitive Artist

Darleen Redman

Business Coach & Intuitive Artist


Business is about connecting to yourself and others energetically

Business is about connecting to yourself and to others energetically.

When we have unresolved concerns, fears, guilt or other self-limitations, they can block what we have to offer.

These have to be addressed and cleared so you can start making those all-important connections to self and your potential clients.

Here’s How We Can Work Together 

Starting your business is exciting as that idea that has been burning in our brain is coming to life. I still remember the excitement of starting my business.

Then you start becoming overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. The excitement starts to fade.

This is where I step into the picture with my 6 Weeks to One Thing Program.

Together we will discover the one thing to be completed that will help to move your business forward.

Then each week we will get together for 60 minutes on Zoom and work on completing your tasks such as creating your newsletter template and plan.

So what is included:

  • 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching
  • Email and pm support
  • Mindset support
  • A guided meditation created just for you

All of this for the wonderful investment of $444.


Your business idea has become a reality.

That is truly inspiring. Give yourself a clap on the back. Many people want to start a business and yet never do.

You have! Feel that excitement.

Wait… What is happening? Is that excitement fading?

No worries. I’ve got you!

In 10 months we will work together to move your business forward on solid foundations. This will help you to on-board your clients beautifully and nurture them so that they sing your praises.

What is included?
1: Fortnightly calls.
2: Email and pm support in between calls.
3: A guided meditation created for you.
4: Business and Mindset Strategy each call.

All of this for the wonderful investment of $5555 upfront or $595 a month.

The Spiritual Business Academy is a membership, not a program. It is where you get to do business your way and in your time. You are supported and nurtured whilst learning how to run a business.

What do you receive by being in the Academy:

  • Co-working every fortnight.
  • Workshops fortnightly, recorded and uploaded to the group.
  • Private FB Group for support and help.
  • Meditations, Workbooks and recorded workshops in the group.

The workshops coming up involve Face Mapping (Masterclass), Daily Business Energy, Websites (Masterclass), Ideal day and Quarterly Review’s and planning for the next quarter.

Being in business by ourselves can be hard and having the support and nurturing that you need helps to make it easier.

This Academy is for female entrepreneurs who want group coaching and not necessarily 1:1 training except on occasions.

The investment of this wonderful Academy is $133 a month.

VIP Membership:
All the above plus 1 x 1:1 Coaching per month for the great price of $333

Book in a FREE 15-minute chat to learn more about how we can work together

Client Praise

In her calm, good-humoured and gentle approach, Darleen gave me greater clarity, confidence and some brilliant ideas about moving forward with my business.

Thank you so much!

If you have been wanting to create a business from your idea, let’s give your business the start that every entrepreneur should experience – starting with excitement, clarity and your own leadership.

If you have already started but lost your way, I can help you find it again.

With my guidance, your idea can find its bearings as a business without pressure, noise and confusion.

With my support, your idea can grow, unhindered by doubt or overwhelm. You can navigate this journey with the confidence that comes from clear decisions, heart-led collaborations and a firm foothold in your market.